Psychotherapy Fees - Stephen Britchkow

Fees for Psychotherapy Services

Stephen Britchkow, Psychologist

As your therapist I will provide you with a highly personalized level of care. Without extra charge you will be screened for depression, anxiety and if necessary tested with other instruments for other conditions. I do a very careful initial assessment and evaluation. This baseline data is followed up during treatment. Improvement is not just experienced -- it is quantified as well.

My sessions generally last one hour but as an added value I provide extra time if needed. My contract says I can charge extra but in practice I deal with this in a compassionate way. I have the flexibility of being able to provide therapy to whoever in the household requires the support including extended family members if they need to be included.

My fee is $125.00 per session for a radius of 8 miles from my home. I will serve you if you live beyond this range for an additional transportation fee.

Some clients combine my visits with phone sessions or use phone sessions almost exclusively. The cost of a phone session is 125.00.

My practice fully supports the privacy of my clients and their sensitive information; therefore, I do not serve as a managed care provider of services. You may choose to access your out of network insurance benefit.

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