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anxious manEverybody feels anxiety periodically. It's normal. Some people experience more than their share, and suffer anxiety to such an extent that it disrupts their lives. I can help you to tame this anxiety and reclaim your freedom. It’s understandable that if you have suffered from panic attacks, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), flashbacks, generalized and social anxiety, and phobias a long time you could feel pessimistic about your prospects for recovery. There is effective treatment for PTSD, anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder, OCD and social anxiety. Take encouragement from knowing these problems are:

  • The most common psychological problems in our country.
  • Based on research anxiety responds very well to treatment. Studies at the National Institute of Mental Health estimate that more than 90% of people with an anxiety disorder will make a good recovery, given appropriate treatment.

The Anxiety Symptom Checklist below can help you determine your need for help.

Review these items and see if you check 3 or more from each category, then ask yourself:

  1. Is anxiety limiting my involvement in life?
  2. Am I avoiding everyday situations due to social anxiety?
  3. Do I worry and feel tense too much of the time?
  4.  Is it now time to seek psychological counseling?

Category One (It is important that you consult your doctor to make sure that symptoms in this category are not caused by a physical/medical condition)

  • Heart palpitations; Rapid pounding heartbeat; Tightness of chest; Jittery stomach; Hyperventilation; Weakness all over; Tremors; Dizziness; Dry mouth;  Sweaty all over; Confusion; Speeded up thoughts; Muscle tension/aches
  • Fatigue

Category Two-Thoughts of:

  •  I can’t do it; What if I make a fool of myself?; People are looking; I Could faint; Get me out of here;No one will help; I can’t go alone; I can’t breathe; I’m going crazy; I’m trapped

Category Three

  • Keyed up/on edge; Panic; Excessive worry; Uneasy; Feelings of doom/gloom; Isolated-lonely; Loss of control; Embarrassed; Criticized;  Rejected; Angry;  Depressed

People who suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) report that their most common symptom is anxiety. Obsessions are unwanted thoughts, ideas and impulses that you have again and again and won't go away. Compulsions are behaviors that you repeat to try to control the obsessions. The obsessions and compulsions take up a lot of time. They greatly interfere with your normal routine at work or school, social activities and relationships. 

Just recognizing that you are overanxious and that this is interfering with your life is extremely important step in stress and anxiety management. Anxiety that is seriously interfering with your being able to cope in settings that you need to function needs to be addressed with anxiety treatment. Cognitive behavior therapy can offer significant relief, personal growth and is of particular value in social anxiety treatment. Learning how to tap energy centers in your body by applying emotional freedom techniques can also provide significant relief. anxious womanBe proactive in your healing by eating well balanced meals, avoiding foods high in sugar and restrict caffeine.  Get involved in a regular exercise program; yoga and meditation should be considered as tools to incorporate. Live a more balanced life and take more time to enjoy leisure and hobbies. Avoid people who are negative. Timely proactive intervention provided by an experienced psychologist who values an holistic approach can help can help avoid medical problems and conditions caused over time from toxic levels of stress, panic attacks, trauma, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and an unhealthy lifestyle. 

I'd like to help. Call 215-322-6781 or e-mail me today for a no-obligation phone consultation to see if my services are right for you for anxiety management and treatment.

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