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Dealing With Holiday Blues
The commercial blitz can remind us of how unconnected we are and accentuate a feeling of loneliness but it is possible to reconcile conflicting holiday feelings. Go to article...

What Makes Relationships Work?
Fighting isn't predictive of divorce. Avoidance, disengagement, contempt, criticism, and the silent treatment are. Discover some useful steps to resolve disagreements here.

Managing the Emotional Challenges of Care Giving
Few people are prepared for the responsibilities and tasks involved in caring for loved ones who are ill, elderly, or disabled. Read more...

Controlling Anger
Because we are intolerant of anger, it is often expressed in unhealthy ways: violence, cold shoulder, blaming, trying to make others feel inferior, affairs, etc. The first step to control anger is to recognize it at a low level. Go to article

Choosing a Caring Psychologist
Once you have made the decision to seek professional emotional support, whom do you turn to? Check out my article.

Things to Do in Pennsylvania
Enjoying new experiences with loved ones helps build and strengthen relationships. This article contains links to 33 things to do in the Bucks, Montgomery Counties and Philadelphia area.

In the News
Stephen Britchkow was quoted in the 1/1/04 edition of the Intelligencer in an article about children's New Years resolutions.