Southampton, PA Psychologist
Stephen Britchkow-Office and Home Visits Available
Serving Lower Bucks, Eastern Montgomery Counties and NE Philadelphia

About Me

I'd like to help you realize your inner strengths, heal and overcome the challenges in your life. Call or e-mail me today for a no obligation phone consultation to see if my services are right for you.

I am a highly effective, competent and ethical therapist with over 30 years of experience. I creatively integrate positive psychology with a holistic/spiritual approach to enhance healing and growth for individuals, couples and families.

I am a Therapist Resource for the Dr. Phil television series.

I help people be aware of what is blocking them from reaching their goals, learn how to make better decisions, set priorities, create and implement an action plan to achieve a more gratifying and rewarding life. You will receive focused empathetic listening and caring support. You can expect constructive, straight forward feedback aimed at real change.

My holistic approach utilizes the latest advances in medical research to safely and effectively address your goals. It begins with an in-depth history, rating scales, observation and sometimes tests, that seeks to uncover critically important conditions that standard medical practice may overlook. This includes psychological, social, physical, medical conditions, nutrition, life style, vitamin and supplement needs that impact on wellness and life satisfaction. The evaluation reveals which brain systems are either over-or-underactivated when clients are anxious or depressed. You will be helped to learn to activate areas of your brain that have been underactivated and how to quiet down those areas that have been overactivated, so you can enjoy life without being plagued by anxiety/or depression.

I strive to compassionately empower you to overcome emotional pain, loss, trauma, toxic relationships and anger, by illuminating paths and choices yet unseen, to build a new more fulfilling life.

There are links on my website for my Resume, Conferences and Workshops I have attended.

My preferred method of practicing is to include, when possible, other significant people in my client's life for additional support and resolution of concerns. That is why I do a lot of couples therapy. I also have extensive experience working with school age children and families.

 Clients are encouraged to share what has worked for them in the past.

I endeavor to provide the highest standard of care available. 

 You have the option of my location in Upper Southampton or your own home or office (additional charge for travel listed on fee link). I want everyone who wants my help to be able to schedule sessions and not be limited because of caring for young children, mobility limitation, anxiety, panic attacks or overwhelming scheduling demands.


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