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Choosing a Caring Psychologist

How to choose a psychologist Once you have made the decision to seek professional emotional support, to whom do you turn to? Asking for recommendations from people you know is a good start. The majority of my clients have come to me through personal recommendations from current and former clients, medical doctors as well as referrals from other psychologists. They often mention that I am effective, easy to talk to, sensitive and caring. Mental health therapy is a very personal issue and most people keep their counseling involvement a very private matter. This makes finding recommendations for a psychologist, even from people who are very satisfied with their therapy, harder to come by.

Not surprisingly, for this reason people increasingly seek psychologists in their area on the internet. Researching on the internet has advantages since you can form a decision based on preferences that are important to you. For instance, my web site is designed to help people make a well informed decision about my qualifications and experience. I post an extensive listing of conferences and workshops, resume and articles that I have written. The articles I have written and the web site as a whole provide insight into my approach, who I am personally and as a professional.

The setting where the counseling takes place can make a positive difference. A practice that is devoted to assisting individuals, families and couples that offers the choice of seeing clents in their office or in the comfort and privacy of their own homes (additional charge may apply) can offer a significant advantage. This allows genuine insight into how each member interacts in his or her natural environment.

Look for caring, compassionate advice with specific recommendations and assigned work to do between sessions. Seek out a psychologist with the time and motivation to research and consult as necessary.

Medications have potentially serious side effects, but if absolutely necessary can be beneficial. The adage "use skills not pills" usually applies, since by learning skills the problems are corrected and addressed at their source. In most cases counseling and holistic approaches are safer and sufficient to meeting your therapy goals without resorting to medication. Vitamins and supplements can have a useful role when sound research supports their use for your specific concern. Accurate diagnosis and monitoring are vital for success. Psychological tests and rating scales, which I make use of, can be extremely helpful. A thorough intake evaluation is required and the psychological treatment plan must be continually reassessed.

Ask to see a listing of conferences and professional workshops the psychologist has attended over the years. Consumers should expect their psychologists to be well informed and current about areas pertinent to their treatment.

Carefully select an experienced psychologist that you are comfortable with. I'd like to help you utilize your inner strengths, heal and overcome the challenges in your life. Call or e-mail me today for a no-obligation phone consultation to see if my services are right for you.





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