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Choosing a Caring Psychologist

How to choose a psychologistOnce you have made the decision to seek professional emotional support, whom do you turn to? Many people speak with their medical doctors to access health insurance coverage. Many have a great deal of previous experience utilizing the managed care system and want something more. Most would rather not compromise; and would prefer a psychologist that better addressed their needs. They want to enhance their close personal relationships, career success and greater happiness.

The setting where the counseling takes place can make a difference. A practice that is devoted to assisting families, couples and individuals in the comfort and privacy of their own homes and offices offers a great advantage. This allows a genuine insight into how each member interacts in his or her natural environment.

Look for caring, compassionate advice with specific recommendations and assigned work to do between sessions. Seek out a psychologist with the time and motivation to research and consult as necessary.

Psychological interventions without medication are preferable. Medications have dramatically improved mental health treatment. However, medication alone without counseling is often not effective. Therapy should usually be tried first to avoid the possibility of dangerous side effects. Accurate diagnosis and monitoring are vital for success. This takes extra time; the needed instruments and psychological tests can be expensive. Do not take for granted this standard of care is routinely met. A thorough intake evaluation is required and the psychological or medical treatment plan must be continually reassessed.

Ask to see a listing of conferences and professional workshops the psychologist has attended over the years. Consumers should expect their psychologists to be appropriately informed and current about areas pertinent to their treatment.

Carefully select an experienced psychologist that you are comfortable with.